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Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


ISSN (Print): 2352-0965
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Research Situation Analysis of On-line Detection Technology for Power Transformer Winding Deformation

Author(s): Zhenhua Li*, Weihui Jiang, Li Qiu, Zhenxing Li and Yanchun Xu

Volume 13 , Issue 6 , 2020

Page: [823 - 832] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/2352096513666191224112029

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Background: Winding deformation is one of the most common faults in power transformers, which seriously threatens the safe operation of transformers. In order to discover the hidden trouble of transformer in time, it is of great significance to actively carry out the research of transformer winding deformation detection technology.

Methods: In this paper, several methods of winding deformation detection with on-line detection prospects are summarized. The principles and characteristics of each method are analyzed, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method as well as the future research directions are expounded. Finally, aiming at the existing problems, the development direction of detection method for winding deformation in the future is prospected.

Results: The on-line frequency response analysis method is still immature, and the vibration detection method is still in the theoretical research stage.

Conclusion: The ΔV − I1 locus method provides a new direction for on-line detection of transformer winding deformation faults, which has certain application prospects and practical engineering value.

Keywords: Power transformer, winding deformation, fault detection, on-line diagnosis, frequency response, vibration detection, elliptical locus.

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