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Facile Synthesis of 1,8-dioxooctahydro Xanthenes by Reusable Zinc Sulfide based Ternary Nanocomposite via Hydrothermal Route

Author(s): Jhansi R. Sunkara and Sathish M. Botsa*

Volume 9 , Issue 1 , 2020

Page: [72 - 79] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2211544708666191112120505


Background: Metal oxide or metal oxide composite nanoparticles are attaining tremendous importance due to their catalytic activities for various organic transformations.

Objective: To report the one-pot synthesis of xanthene derivatives prepared by ZnS-Fe2O3-Ag composite under solvent-free conditions.

Method: To prepare nanocomposite by a facile and simple hydrothermal approach.

Results: The prepared composite is smaller (17.56 nm) in size and can be easily separable, recycled and reused six times without any significant loss of catalytic activity with excellent yields. In short reaction time, great catalytic activity was perceived with no co-catalyst and any other activator.

Conclusion: In conclusion, ZnS-Fe2O3-Ag composite provides a simple, economical, efficient and greener method for the synthesis of one-pot multicomponent reaction of aldehyde with 1,3-diketones under solvent free conditions for the synthesis of 1,8-dioxooctahydro xanthenes. In short reaction time, great catalytic activity was perceived with no co-catalyst and any other activator.

Keywords: ZnS-Fe2O3-Ag, hydrothermal, 1, 8-dioxooctahydro xanthenes, reusable, solvent free, hydrothermal.

Graphical Abstract
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