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Review Article

Plant- and Nutraceutical-based Approach for the Management of Diabetes and its Neurological Complications: A Narrative Review

Author(s): Yusuf Öztürk* and Nilgün Öztürk

Volume 25, Issue 33, 2019

Page: [3536 - 3549] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666191014165633

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Diabetes is an important metabolic disease affecting many organs and systems in the body. The nervous system is one of the body systems affected by diabetes and neuropathic complications are troublesome in diabetic patients with many consequences. As diabetes has deleterious influences almost on bodily systems, an integrative approach seems to be necessary accepting the body as a whole and integrating body systems with lifestyle and living environment. Like some traditional health systems such as Ayurveda, integrative approach includes additional modalities to overcome both diabetes and diabetic complications. In general, these modalities consist of nutraceuticals and plant products. Prebiotics and probiotics are two types of nutraceuticals having active ingredients, such as antioxidants, nutrient factors, microorganisms, etc. Many plants are indicated for the cure of diabetes. All of these may be employed in the prevention and in the non-pharmacological management of mildto- moderate diabetes. Severe diabetes should require appropriate drug selection. Being complementary, prebiotics, probiotics, plants and exercise may be additive for the drug therapy of diabetes. Similarly, there are complementary approaches to prevent and cure neurological and/or behavioral manifestations of diabetes, which may be included in therapy and prevention plans. A scheme is given for the prevention and therapy of comorbid depression, which is one of the most common behavioral complications of diabetes. Within this scheme, the main criterion for the selection of modalities is the severity of diseases, so that personalized management may be developed for diabetic patients using prebiotics and probiotics in their diets, plants and drugs avoiding possible interactions.

Keywords: Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, prebiotics, probiotics, nutraceuticals, plants, microbiome, antioxidants.

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