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ISSN (Print): 2468-1873
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Review Article

Nanocargos: A Burgeoning Quest in Cancer Management

Author(s): Atul Jain, Teenu Sharma, Sumant Saini, Om Prakash Katare, Vandana. Soni and Bhupinder Singh*

Volume 10 , Issue 2 , 2020

Page: [149 - 163] Pages: 15

DOI: 10.2174/2468187309666190823160241


Cancer, a complex series of diseased conditions, contributes to a significant health problem and is a leading cause of mortalities across the world. Lately, with the advent of improved diagnostics and imaging techniques, and newer advanced oral chemotherapeutics; millions of cancer affected people can lengthen their life span. Despite all the challenges associated with an active chemotherapeutic molecule like microenvironment and the intestinal barrier of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) etc., the oral delivery remains the most acceptable route of drug administration. In this regard, nanotechnology has played a significant role in the counteracting the challenges encountered with newly developed molecules and aiding in improving their bioavailability and targetability to the tumour site, while administering through the oral route. Several literature instances document the usage of nanostructured drug delivery systems such as lipid-based, polymerbased or metallic nanomaterials to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy. Besides, sitespecific targeted surface-modified drug delivery system designed to deliver the active molecule has opened up to the newer avenues of nanotechnology. However, the issue of potential toxicity allied with nanotechnology cannot be compromised and thus, needs specific ethical regulations and guidelines. The various in vitro models have been developed to evaluate the in vitro toxicity profile which can be further correlated with the invivo model. Thus, this review provides a summarized account of the various aspects related to the role of nanotechnology in cancer therapy and various related issues thereof; that must be triumphed over to apprehend its full promise.

Keywords: Cancer, oral delivery, nanotechnology, polymer-based, lipid-based, in vitro model.

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