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Choice and Exchange of Lubricating Oil for Injection Molding Machine

Author(s): Shan Syedhidayat , Quan Wang*, Al-Hadad M.A.A. Mohsen and Jinrong Wang

Volume 12, Issue 4, 2019

Page: [378 - 382] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/2212797612666190730145515

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Background: One of the most common manufacturing equipment for polymer product is injection molding machine. In order to ensure the precise, stable and continuous operation of the injection molding machine, the maintenance of the lubrication system must be done well. The stability, reliability, rationality and low noise performance of the lubrication system of injection molding machine directly affect the quality of injection products, dimensional accuracy, molding cycle, working environment and maintenance.

Objective: The purpose of this study is to introduce the methods of choice, maintenance of lubricating oil for injection molding machine from many literatures and patents in the recent years, such as lubricating oil device, lubricating composite and structure.

Methods: An example of the 260M5 automatic injection molding machine is introduced for the inspection and maintenance of the lubrication system including lubricating oil and lubricating grease.

Results: To ensure the lubrication of the injection molding machine, it needs to strictly observe the lubrication time and modulus of the injection molding machine. It needs to strictly control the temperature rise of the lubricating oil and select the correct lubricating oil and grease to ensure the lubrication quality.

Conclusion: In the operation of the injection molding machine, it is necessary to check that the lubricating oil is sufficient and the lubricating points are working properly. It ensures sufficient lubrication of the injection molding machine and strictly observes the lubrication time and modulus of the injection molding machine. The stored lubricating oil should be sealed well to prevent air pollution.

Keywords: Choice, exchange, friction, grease lubrication, hydraulic system, injection molding machine, lubricating oil.

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