Fault Tolerant Drive By Wire Systems: Impact on Vehicle Safety and Reliability

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This e-book details state-of-the-art drive by wire technology. Readers are made aware about the challenges ahead that need be addressed in order for this technology to gain a foothold in the ...
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Introduction and Overview of Fault Tolerant Drive by Wire Systems

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Sohel Anwar


A brief overview of fault tolerant drive-by-wire technology is presented in this chapter. A review of drive by wire system benefits in performance enhancements and vehicle active safety is then discussed. Challenges in relation to the fault tolerant design of drive by wire system are then presented. This is followed by in-depth coverage of fault tolerant design of a steer by wire system. Future trends in the design of fault tolerant drive by wire systems are presented at the conclusion of the chapter.


Drive By Wire, Brake By Wire, Steer By Wire, Throttle By Wire, Fault Tolerant Control, Sliding Mode Observer, Generalized Prediction, Static Redundancy, Dynamic Redundancy, Analytical Redundancy, Fault Tolerant Communication.


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapoli USA