Dimorphic Fungi:

Their Importance As Models For Differentiation And Fungal Pathogenesis

Editor(s): José Ruiz-Herrera

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Dimorphism can be defined as the property of different fungal species to grow in the form of budding yeasts or in the form of mycelium, depending on the environmental conditions. Dimorphism may be ...
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Pp. i

Rafael Sentandreu

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Pp. ii

José Ruiz-Herrera

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

José Ruiz-Herrera

An Introduction to Fungal Dimorphism

Pp. 3-15 (13)

José Ruiz-Herrera and Eduardo Campos-Góngora

PDF Price: $15

Dimorphism and Pathogenicity of the Opportunistic Ascomycota Candida albicans

Pp. 35-45 (11)

Margarita Rodríguez-Kessler, María de la Luz Guerrero-González and Juan Francisco Jiménez-Bremont

PDF Price: $15

Histoplasma capsulatum and its Virulence Determinants

Pp. 46-57 (12)

Amalia Porta, Elena Calabrese, Ilaria Granata and Bruno Maresca

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Development and Dimorphism of the Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica

Pp. 58-66 (9)

Juan Francisco Jiménez-Bremont, Aída Araceli Rodríguez-Hernández and Margarita Rodríguez-Kessler

PDF Price: $15

Sporothrix schenckii and General Aspects of Sporotrichosis

Pp. 67-86 (20)

Leila M. Lopes-Bezerra and Rosana C. Nascimento

PDF Price: $15

Yeast-Hypha Dimorphism in Zygomycetous Fungi

Pp. 87-104 (18)

V. Ghormade, E. Pathan and M. V. Deshpande

PDF Price: $15

Development and Dimorphism of the Phytopathogenic Basidiomycota Ustilago maydis

Pp. 105-116 (12)

José Ruiz-Herrera and Claudia G. León-Ramírez

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Pp. 117-143 (27)

José Ruiz-Herrera