Manual of Child Neurology: Problem Based Approach to Common Disorders

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Since the last century, remarkable advances at both the basic and clinical levels have considerably improved our ability to evaluate and treat children with neurological disorders. Many cases seen by ...
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Normal Development

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Mohammed M.S. Jan


In this chapter various aspects of normal development and assessment will be discussed. Development is a continuous process by which one acquires learned skills. Ongoing development results from the myelination process, as well as, synaptogenesis and organization of the nervous system. Developmental history is divided into gross motor, fine motor, language (receptive and expressive), and psychosocial skills. Wide variations exist in the development of normal milestones. For example, males tend to be faster in acquiring motor skills while females are faster in acquiring verbal skills.


Neurological, Examination, General, Development, Assessment, Evaluation, Gross, Fine, Language, Social, Adaptive.


Professor & Consultant of Pediatric Neurology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine King Abdulaziz University Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia