Rab GTPases and Membrane Trafficking

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Ypt/Rab GTPases form the largest branch of the Ras-related small GTPase superfamily and regulate intracellular membrane trafficking in all eukaryotes. Since their discovery over two decades ago, a ...
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Role of Rab4 in Transport through the Endosomal System

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Emma Martinez Sanchez, Ioana Popa, Magda Deneka and Peter van der Sluijs


The endosomal system is a mosaic of highly dynamic interconnected organelles that serve many physiological functions including nutrient uptake, regulation of cell polarity, migration and plasma membrane remodeling. These widely divergent processes rely on the flawless transfer of cargo molecules between the distinct endosomal subcompartments and is regulated by members of the rab family of small GTPases and their effector networks. Here we provide an overview of the function of rab4, and the machinery it deploys to regulating exocytic membrane trafficking from early endosomes.


Rab4a, Rab4b, Endosomes, Recycling, Domain.


University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands