Smart Nanomaterials for Sensor Application

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There is considerable interest in reliable and affordable sensor and detection systems. Recent concerns about environmental exposure to both biological and chemical agents have been critical to the ...
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Prospects of Nanosensors in Environmental and Biomedical Fields

Pp. 82-92 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805241711201010082

Author(s): Salaimutharasan Gnanamani, Siva Chidhambaram, Mani Prabaharan


A nanosensor is a sensor that is built on the nanoscale, whose purpose is mainly to obtain data on the atomic scale and transfer it into data that can be easily analyzed. Nanosensors have a wide application in the fields of environmental protection, biotechnology, medical diagnostics, drug screening, food safety and security. This review is an attempt to give an overview on different types of nanosensors based on carbon nanotubes, metal and metal oxide naoparticles and their application in environmental and biomedical fields. Due to the increased gas sensing properties, metal oxide based nanosensors were found to be potential candidates for NOx, ethanol, ammonia and ozone sensing applications.


Nanosensors; environment; biomedicare; metal oxide nanowires.