Artificial Intelligence Resources in Control and Automation Engineering

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This e-book focuses on the application of artificial intelligence resources in fields related to Control and Automation Engineering. Techniques such as neural networks, fuzzy logic and expert systems ...
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Intelligent PID DC Motor Speed Control Alteration Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization

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Boumediène Allaoua


In this paper, an intelligent controller of DC Motor drive is designed using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) method for formation of optimal Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller alteration parameters. The proposed approach has superior feature, including easy implementation, stable convergence characteristics and very good computational performances efficiency. The DC Motor Scheduling PID-PSO controller is modeled in MATLAB environment. Comparing with fuzzy logic controller using PSO intelligent algorithms, the planned method is more proficient in improving the speed loop response stability, the steady state error is reduced, the rising time is made suitable and the disturbances do not affect the performances of driving motor with no overtaking.


Intelligent controller, DC motor, particle swam optimization, PID controller, fuzzy logic


Faculty of the Sciences and the Technology, Department of the Technology, BECHAR University, B.P 417 BECHAR (08000), Algeria