Radiation Processes in Crystal Solid Solutions

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Radiation Processes In Crystal Solid Solutions is a monograph explaining processes occurring in two classes of crystal solids (metal alloys and doped alkali halides) under irradiation by various ...
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Radiation-Stimulated Segregation

Pp. 71-85 (15)

Gennadi Gladyshev


The experimental data and models of radiation-induced segregation are presented. The mechanism and efficiency of the radiation-induced segregation depend on several factors: the irradiation temperature, the concentration and size of atoms of impurity, the presence of additional impurity, etc. The majority of models which describe the radiation-induced segregation, include a system of kinetic equations for the various kinds of point defects and alloy atoms. The models differ from each other in a set of the types of defects and calculation parameters.


Radiation, metal, alloys, alkali halide, solid solution, segregation, segregation models, inverse Kirkendall effect.


St. Petersburg State Technological Institute Technical University Russian Federation