Radiation Processes in Crystal Solid Solutions

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Radiation Processes In Crystal Solid Solutions is a monograph explaining processes occurring in two classes of crystal solids (metal alloys and doped alkali halides) under irradiation by various ...
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Theoretical Estimates and Models of the Radiation Stability of Crystal Solid Solutions

Pp. 58-70 (13)

Gennadi Gladyshev


The factors affecting the stability of solid solutions under irradiation are considered. One of these factors is the radiation-induced change of solubility. The models describing the radiation-induced decomposition of the solid solution for the different concentrations of impurities and irradiation conditions are discussed.


Radiation, metal, alloys, alkali halide, solid solution, radiation stability, solubility, precipitation, precipitates, decomposition of solid solution.


St. Petersburg State Technological Institute Technical University Russian Federation