Transport Phenomena In Particulate Systems

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This e-book presents recent advances in research in the field of particulate systems. A comprehensive background on operations involving particulate materials with a didactic approach is illustrated. ...
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Hydrodynamics of Biological Fluidized Bed Reactors

Pp. 172-188 (17)

Flavio Bentes Freire, Fábio Bentes Freire and José Teixeira Freire


Hydrodynamics analysis of biological reactors for effluent treatment is an essential step towards reactor optimization. This is even more important for fluidized bed reactors, which have characteristic flow patterns. The present chapter provides some background on the hydrodynamics of biological fluidized bed reactors. The basic principles concerning the operation of this type of reactor are presented along with the definition of some important parameters, such as, minimum fluidization velocity and the transition between fluidized and fixed bed modes. At the end of the chapter, two case studies on the influence of adhered biomass over the reactor hydrodynamics are analyzed. It is noteworthy that fundamental studies are still required for a more comprehensive approach on this subject.


Fixed bed, anaerobic fluidized bed reactors, holdup, pressure gradient, wastewater.


Federal Technological University of Paraná - Department of Civil Construction, Av. 7 de Setembro, no. 3165, Zip Code 80230-901, Curitiba, PR, Brazil