Transport Phenomena In Particulate Systems

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This e-book presents recent advances in research in the field of particulate systems. A comprehensive background on operations involving particulate materials with a didactic approach is illustrated. ...
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Drying of Particulate Materials in Continuous Spouted Beds

Pp. 103-123 (21)

Cezar Augusto da Rosa and José Teixeira Freire


Spouted beds are largely used due to their high heat and mass transfer rates and good mixing of solids. Specially, spouted beds are applied to deal with large particles (dp>1 mm), where fluidized beds are not efficient. In the literature there are several experimental and simulation studies using batch spouted beds. However, little information can be found regarding continuous spouted beds. The continuous operation has some important advantages such as higher production capacity and lower operating costs. The objective of this chapter is to introduce some concepts in transport phenomena applied to continuous spouted beds, as well as, discuss different modeling and simulating approaches.


Fluid dynamic, simulation, CFD, heat transfer, mass transfer.


Federal University of Goiás – Institute of Chemistry, P.O. Box 131, Zip Code 74001-970, Goiânia, GO, Brazil