Free Radical Biomedicine: Principles, Clinical Correlations, and Methodologies

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Free radicals and related reactive species, including reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) play a critical role in the pathophysiological processes of various human diseases, including ...
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Free Radicals and Related Reactive Species in Other Diseases and Conditions

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Y. Robert Li


The causal involvement of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) in the pathophysiology of common human diseases has been discussed in the preceding chapters. This chapter summaries experimental and clinical evidence that shows a causative involvement of ROS/RNS in other disease processes and related conditions. These include skin and eye disorders, diseases of reproductive system, arthritic disorders and sepsis, as well as exercise, regenerative medicine, and nanomedicine.


Antioxidant intervention, Arthritis, Erectile dysfunction, Exercise, Eye diseases, Infertility, Nanomedicine, Oxidative stress, Reactive nitrogen species, Reactive oxygen species, Regenerative medicine, Sepsis, Skin diseases.


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