Angiogenesis & Therapeutic Targets In Cancer

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Angiogenesis plays rate limiting roles in tumor growth and invasion. Angiogenesis inhibition has been proposed as a general strategy to fight against cancers. This book covers different therapeutic ...
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Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Human Schwannoma

Pp. 90-98 (9)

C Oliver Hanemann and Sylwia Ammoun


This review focuses on altered signaling pathways in schwannoma and identification of molecular markers. Platelet derived growth factors PDGFR and ErbB family of receptor kinase are overexpressed in the schwannoma. PDGFR-β inhibitors with a specific inhibitor AG1296 completely inhibited both basal and PDGF mediated proliferation of human scwannoma cells. Sorafenib, a PDGFR inhibitor currently applied for advanced renal cancer treatment also effectively reducing tyrosine kinase activity and decreased cell proliferation in human schwannoma cells at low concentration. This suggests that this drug could be a promising tool in the treatment of schwannoma.


Human Schwannoma, Molecular Marker, Receptor Kinase, Sorafenib


Clinical Neurobiology, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, The John Bull Building, Tamar Science Park, Research Way, Plymouth PL6 8BU, UK.