MicroRNA-21 as Therapeutic Target in Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Author(s): Desiree Bonci

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery (Discontinued)

Volume 5 , Issue 3 , 2010


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a broad class of small non-coding RNAs that control expression of complementary target messenger RNAs. Dysregulation of miRNAs has been described in various disease states including cancer and cardiac disease. A particular miRNA that was consistently reported to be upregulated in both cancer and various forms of cardiovascular diseases is miR-21. MiR-21 exerts oncogenic activity and therefore is considered as an oncomir. In the cardiovascular system miR-21 is enriched in fibroblasts and contributes to the development of fibrosis and heart failure. MiR-21 therefore emerges as an interesting candidate for the development of therapeutic strategies against many forms of cancer as well as heart diseases. Indeed, treatment with anti-miR-21 oligonucleotides reduced breast cancer growth. Inhibition of miR-21 by synthetic miRNA antagonists (antagomirs) improved heart function in a cardiac disease model. The same beneficial effects were observed in miR-21 knockout mice subjected to pressure-overload of the left ventricle underlining the key role of miR-21 as a therapeutic target. We here overview the current patent situation about the therapeutic use of miR-21 modulation in cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Keywords: microRNAs, miR-21, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, patents, MicroRNA-21, messenger RNAs, oncomir, anti-miR-21 oligonucleotides, RNA polymerase II, exportin 5, miRNA-induced silencing complex, apoptosis, chromosome 17, TMEM49 gene, mucin 1, glioblastoma, hepatocellular cancer, B-cell lymphoma, esophageal cancer, adenocarcinomas, 5-fluorouracil chemotherapy, Pancreatic Cancer, pancreatic endocrine tumors, biomarker, PDCD4 gene, metastatic, Breast Cancer, hsa-miR-21, ANOVA, p-value, microarray analysis, miRanda, TargetScan, PicTar, Lung Cancer, RT-PCR analysis, ERK-MAP kinase inhibitor, cardiac hypertrophy, betaMHC

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Year: 2010
Page: [156 - 161]
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DOI: 10.2174/157489010793351962
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