Contemporary Sleep Medicine For Patients

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Contemporary Sleep Medicine should be of interest to a large number of readers interested in sleep medicine. It is divided into two parts – one for patients or simple readers and another for ...
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Epidemiology of Sleep Disorder

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Mihai Teodorescu and Rahul Kakkar


Based on the National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America polls, which encompassed snapshots of sleep habits and symptoms, the number of people reporting sleep problems is increasing. Over a span of 8 years, the percentage of Americans sleeping less than 6 hours per night went up to 1/5 of the population, and those who reported sleeping 8 hours or more dropped to approximately 1/4 of the population. More than half of people reported experiencing a sleep problem at least a few nights in week, with 4 out of 10 reporting problems every night. However, only 1/3 of all adults have ever discussed sleep with a healthcare professional; when they seek medical advice, almost half of them are found with a sleep disorder.


Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, William S. Middleton VA Medical Center, Madison, WI, USA