Sleep & Safety

Editor(s): Salim Surani and Shyamsunder Subramanian

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that upto 4 percent of all fatal crashes are caused by drowsy driving and as many as 100,000 patients deaths per year may be due ...
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Salim Surani and Shyamsunder Subramanian

Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Physiology

Pp. 3-12 (10)

Kannan Ramar

PDF Price: $15

Sleep Deprivation: Pathophysiology

Pp. 13-24 (12)

Vidya Krishnan and Dennis Auckley

PDF Price: $15

Sleep Deprivation: Cardiovascular and Metabolic Effects

Pp. 25-32 (8)

Vishal Sawhney and Philip Alapat

PDF Price: $15

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Safety

Pp. 60-66 (7)

Shyam Subramanian

PDF Price: $15

Shift Workers and Sleep

Pp. 67-83 (17)

Salim Surani

PDF Price: $15

Sleep Deprivation Among Health Care Workers

Pp. 84-93 (10)

Salim Surani and Shyam Subramanian

PDF Price: $15

Sleep and Driving

Pp. 94-109 (16)

Shwetha Bopparaju and Shyam Subramanian

PDF Price: $15

Sleep and Aviation Safety

Pp. 110-116 (7)

Siva Ramachandran

PDF Price: $15

Sleep Among the Military

Pp. 117-129 (13)

Salim Surani

PDF Price: $15

Sleep and Safety in the Elderly

Pp. 130-145 (16)

Salim Surani and Swetha Bopparaju

PDF Price: $15

Pediatric Sleep Disorders: Safety, Ne urocognitive and Behavioral Issues

Pp. 146-155 (10)

Neelam Konnur and Shekhar Ghamande

PDF Price: $15

Sleep Deprivation: Legislative and Regulatory Issues

Pp. 156-164 (9)

Christopher Miller and Kingman P. Strohl

PDF Price: $15

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Pp. 165-168 (4)

Salim Surani and Shyamsunder Subramanian