Solitary waves in fluid media

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Since the first description by John Scott Russel in 1834, the solitary wave phenomenon has attracted considerable interests from scientists. The most interesting discovery since then has been the ...
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The interrelationship of integrable equations, differential geometry and the geometry of their associated surfaces

Pp. 202-252 (51)

Paul Bracken


A survey of some recent and important results which have to do with integrable equations and their relationship with the theory of surfaces is given. Some new results are also presented. The concept of the moving frame is examined, and it is used in several subjects which are discussed. Structure equations are introduced in terms of differential forms. Forms are shown to be very useful in relating geometry, equations and surfaces, which appear in many sections. The topics of the chapters are different and separate, but joined together by common themes and ideas. Several subjects which are not easy to access are reviewed and elaborated upon. These topics include Maurer-Cartan cocycles and recent results with regard to generalizations of the Weierstrass-Enneper system forgenerating constant mean curvature surfaces in three and higher dimensional Euclidean spaces.


Department of Mathematics University of Texas, Edinburg, TX 78540 USA.