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Performance Measurement in the Greek Context: Evidence from Different Corporate Settings

Pp. 95-102 (8)

Athanasios Tsagkanos and Dimitrios P. Koumanako


The present study attempts to add to the literature by contrasting multinationals and domestic enterprises as regards the relative impact of performance measurement systems adoption on accounting profitability, based on data from Greek manufacturing industries. Two research instruments were successively used in this study. Initially, qualitative data were collected using questionnaires. Then empirical analysis was conducted with the application of Bootstrap methodology in the context of logit models. Results reveal that major cultural differences concerning the performance measurement systems orientation do exist among the two groups under consideration since Greek multinationals corporations seem to implement and operate in more developed organizational frameworks. However, empirical analysis of quantitative data does not coincide with the aforementioned deductions showing that Greek multinationals accounting performance suffers in comparison to that of domestic firms.


University of Ioannina, University of Patras