Prerequisites for Healthy Organizational Change

Editor(s): Per Øystein Saksvik

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We live in a time where organizational change has become the norm. Organizations are constantly undergoing major restructurings be it outsourcing, downsizing or major reorganizational changes, e.g., ...
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Per Oystein Saksvik

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General Bibliography  promotion: free to download

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Per Oystein Saksvik

Lean and the Psychosocial Work Environment

Pp. 1-9 (9)

Peter Hasle

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The Importance of Trust in Organizational Change

Pp. 10-20 (11)

Ole H. Sorensen and Peter Hasle

PDF Price: $15

Organizational Change Competence

Pp. 21-32 (12)

Gunhild Birgitte, Zeiner Ingstad and Live Bakke Finne

PDF Price: $15

Conflict Management in Preventing Negative Effects of Change

Pp. 41-51 (11)

Gunn Robstad Andersen

PDF Price: $15

The Role of Norms in Organizational Change Efforts

Pp. 52-61 (10)

Tove Helland Hammer

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Leaders Embracing Change: Managing Healthy Change Processes

Pp. 62-69 (8)

Per Oystein Saksvik and Sturle Danielsen Tvedt

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Developing a Framework for the "Why" in Change Outcomes: The Importance of Employees’ Appraisal of Changes

Pp. 76-86 (11)

Karina Nielsen, Raymond Randall, Sten-Olof Brenner and Karen Albertsen

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The Importance of Healthy Organizational Change Processes

Pp. 87-91 (5)

Sturle Danielsen Tvedt

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Per Oystein Saksvik