Recent Advances in Biomedical Signal Processing

Editor(s): Juan Manuel Górriz, Elmar W. Lang and Javier Ramírez

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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Biomedical signal processing is a rapidly expanding field with a wide range of applications, from the construction of artificial limbs and aids for disabilities to the development of sophisticated ...
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Juan Manuel Górriz, Elmar W. Lang and Javier Ramírez

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Jose Principe

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Juan Manuel Górriz, Elmar W. Lang and Javier Ramírez

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Pp. iv-xiii (10)

Juan Manuel Górriz, Elmar W. Lang and Javier Ramírez

Decomposition Techniques In Neuroscience

Pp. 1-25 (25)

M. De Vos, Lieven De Lathauwer and S. Van Huffel

PDF Price: $30

Exploratory Matrix Factorization Techniques for Large Scale Biomedical Data Sets

Pp. 26-47 (22)

E.W. Lang, R. Schachtner, D. Lutter, D. Herold, A. Kodewitz, F. Blochl, F. J. Theis, I. R. Keck, J.M Gorriz Saezd, P. Gomez, P. Gomez Vildae and A. M. Tomec

PDF Price: $30

Subspace Techniques and Biomedical Time Series Analysis

Pp. 48-59 (12)

A. M. Tome, A. R. Teixeira and E. W. Lang

PDF Price: $30

Empirical Mode Decomposition Techniques for Biomedical Time Series Analysis

Pp. 60-81 (22)

A. Zeiler, R. Faltermeier, M. Bohm, I. R. Keck, A.M. Tome, C. G. Puntonet, A. Brawanski and E.W. Lang

PDF Price: $30

A Comparison between Univariate and Multivariate Supervised Learning for Classification of SPECT Images

Pp. 82-94 (13)

F. Segovia, J. M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez, D. Salas-Gonzalez, I. A. Illan, M. Lopez, R. Chaves and P. Padilla

PDF Price: $30

Functional Brain Image Preprocessing For Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems

Pp. 95-106 (12)

R. Chaves, D. Salas-Gonzalez, J. Ramirez, J. M. Gorriz, M. Lopez, I. Alvarez and F. Segoviaa

PDF Price: $30

Functional Image Classification Techniques For Early Alzheimer’s Disease Detection

Pp. 107-122 (16)

I. Alvarez-Illan, Miriam M. Lopez, J. M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez, F. Segovia, D. Salas-Gonzalez, R. Chaves and C. G. Puntonet

PDF Price: $30

Time-Frequency Analysis of MEG activity in Alzheimer’s Disease

Pp. 123-140 (18)

J. Poza and R. Hornero

PDF Price: $30

Machine Learning Approach for Myotonic Dystrophy Diagnostic Support from MRI

Pp. 141-148 (8)

Alexandre Savio, Maite Garcia-Sebastian, Andone Sistiaga, Darya Chyzhyk, Esther Fernandez, Fermin Moreno, Elsa Fernandez, Manuel Grana, Jorge Villanua and Adolfo Lopez de Munain

PDF Price: $30

Finding Gold in The Dirt - Biomedical Artifacts in The Light of ICA

Pp. 149-156 (8)

I. R. Keck, V. Fischer, C. G. Puntonet, A. M.Tome and E. W. Lang

PDF Price: $30

Are We to Integrate Previous Information into Microarray Analyses? Interpretation of a Lmx1b-Knockout Experiment

Pp. 157-170 (14)

Florian Blochl, Anne Rascle, Jurgen Kastner, Ralph Witzgall, Elmar W. Lang and Fabian J. Theis

PDF Price: $30

Mixed Effects Models for Single-Trial ERP Detection in Noninvasive Brain Computer Interface Design

Pp. 171-180 (10)

Yonghong Huang, Deniz Erdogmus, Kenneth Hild II, Misha Pavel and Santosh Mathan

PDF Price: $30

Using Spatial Diversity in the Estimation of Atrial Fibrillatory Activity from the Electrocardiogram

Pp. 191-215 (25)

R. Phlypo, P. Bonizzi, O. Meste and V. Zarzoso

PDF Price: $30

Ultrasound Image Analysis. Methods and Applications

Pp. 216-230 (15)

J. Marti, A. Gubern-Merida, J. Massich, A. Oliver, J. C. Vilanova, J. Comet, E. Perez, M. Arzoz and R. Marti

PDF Price: $30

Reconstruction and Analysis of Intravascular Ultrasound Sequences

Pp. 231-250 (20)

Francesco Ciompi, Carlo Gatta, Oriol Pujol, Oriol Rodriguez-Leor, Josepa Mauri Ferre and Petia Radeva

PDF Price: $30

Human Body Position Monitoring

Pp. 251-268 (18)

Alberto Olivares, J. M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez and Gonzalo Olivares

PDF Price: $30

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Pp. 269-271 (3)

Juan M. Gorriz, Elmar W. Lang and Javier Ramirez