The Paradox In Partnership: The Role of Conflict in Partnership Building

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The Paradox in Partnership: The Role of Conflict in Partnership Building elucidates on alliances that are - on one hand, designed to promote collaboration between individuals, groups and ...
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The Challenge of Partnership Development: The Case of Alternative Labour Relations

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Francesco Garibaldo


This essay, according to a theoretical framework by Ramsay (1997), considers participation in a specific context. Changes in the context determine cycles of participation with very different outcomes. The essay will first analyze the role of the broader democratic framework in modern society and the role of conflict. The concepts so highlighted will be applied to two Italian case studies, as a way to illustrate Ramsay's hypothesis in two different cycles of participation: the positive cycle from 1968 to 1974, and the negative one in the 1980s. Then the main changes in the socio-economic and political context in Europe will be considered. Based on the lessons learned, an alternative path to participation will be sketched.


President, International Work and Labor Network on Regional and Local Development (RLDWL).