The Paradox In Partnership: The Role of Conflict in Partnership Building

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The Paradox in Partnership: The Role of Conflict in Partnership Building elucidates on alliances that are - on one hand, designed to promote collaboration between individuals, groups and ...
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Introduction. The Nature of Partnerships and the Processes of their Formation: Juxtaposing Conflict and Cooperation

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Helena Syna Desivilya and Michal Palgi


In light of the blurred nature and conceptual imprecision with regard to the construct of partnership and the fragmented relevant literature, the introductory chapter provides an overview of types of partnerships, impetus for developing them and processes of building partnerships, underscoring their paradoxical nature and conflict dynamics. It constitutes an integrated conceptual map for the analysis of various types of organizational partnerships.


Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel.