Suicide and Predicament: Life is a Predicament

Suicide and Predicament: Life is a Predicament

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"Suicide and Predicament: the medical model of suicide is incomplete" takes a broad view of suicide. It argues that a large proportion of people who suicide do not have a mental disorder, and ...
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Saxby Pridmore


The current approach to suicide prevention (high risk approach) focuses on improved identification and treatment of mental disorder. Around the world, this approach has failed to lower national suicide rates. The prevention of suicide even in people known to be at high risk is difficult and sometimes impossible. As the majority of the total suicides comes from the low risk population, a population health approach is necessary, which means reducing risk factors within the community. The high risk (treatment) and the population health approach should be conducted concurrently. Generally recommended components include; 1) education of health and other helping professionals, 2) reduction in the stigma associated with asking for help, 3) active alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention, 4) improving the well-being of the community, and 5) reduction of access to lethal means. Arising from this monograph, additional suggestions include, a) de-medicalization of non-medical suicidality, b) changing the culture, and c) changing the predicament.


University of Tasmania Australia.