Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

Volume: 3

Co-Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman and Allen B. Reitz

Indexed in: Scopus, EMBASE, Chemical Abstracts, EBSCO, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.

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Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry is a book series devoted to the review of areas of important topical interest to medicinal chemists and others in allied disciplines. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry ...
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Pp. iv

Allen B. Reitz, Cheryl P. Kordik, Atta-Ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Chouhary

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Pp. ix-xiv (6)

Atta-ur-Rahman and Allen B. Reitz

Structure and Function of HIV-1 Integrase: An Update

Pp. 3-22 (20)

Thang K. Chiu and David R. Davies

PDF Price: $15

Gene Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases

Pp. 59-85 (27)

Marcin Gruchala, Himadri Roy, Shalini Bhardwaj and Seppo Yla-Herttuala

PDF Price: $15

Drug Development and the Importance of Ethnicity: Lessons from Heart Failure Management and Implications for Hypertension

Pp. 45-58 (14)

Michael D. Sosin, Gurbir S. Bhatia, Gregory Y.H. Lip and Russell C. Davis

PDF Price: $15

Design and Discovery of Novel Antihypertensive Drugs Through Conformation and Bioactivity Studies

Pp. 87-111 (25)

Thomas M. Mavromoustakos, Maria V. Zervou and Panagiotis G. Zoumpoulakis

PDF Price: $15

Novel Antiarrhythmic Compounds with Combined Class IB and Class III Mode of Action

Pp. 113-124 (12)

Peter Matyus, Ildiko Varga, Tivadar Rettegi, Antal Simay, Peter Kovacs, Laszlo Karolyhazy, Akos Kocsis, Szilvia Vajda and Andras Va

PDF Price: $15

A1 Adenosine Receptor Agonists: Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutic Potential

Pp. 125-151 (27)

Sally A. Hutchinson and Peter J. Scammells

PDF Price: $15

Are the Extracellular Pathways a Conduit for the Delivery of Therapeutics to the Brain?  Open Access Plus

Pp. 153-161 (9)

William A. Banks

A Review of Neuroprotective Agents

Pp. 163-194 (32)

Margaret A. Brimble and Mark S. Levi

PDF Price: $15

Design of Ligands for the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: The Quest for Selectivity

Pp. 195-247 (53)

William H. Bunnelle, Michael J. Dart and Michael R. Schrimpf

PDF Price: $15

New Trends in the Design of Drugs Against Alzheimer's Disease

Pp. 249-284 (36)

Pierre Francotte, Pascal de Tullio, Pierre Fraikin and Bernard Pirotte

PDF Price: $15

Development of Melanocortin Receptor Selective Ligands

Pp. 285-334 (50)

Boman G. Irani, Jerry R. Holder, Aleksandar Todorovic, Andrzej M. Wilczynski, Christine G. Joseph, Krista R. Wilson and Carrie Hask

PDF Price: $15

Inhibition of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B for the Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity

Pp. 335-368 (34)

Zhonghua Pei, Gang Liu, Thomas H. Lubben and Bruce G. Szczepankiewicz

PDF Price: $15

The Impact of Infection on the Incidence of Autoimmune Disease

Pp. 369-382 (14)

Thomas D.C. Thomas, Paola Zaccone, David W. Dunne and Anne Cooke

PDF Price: $15

Transcription Factors in Autoimmune Diseases

Pp. 383-397 (15)

Martin Eggert, Andreas Kluter, Uwe K. Zettl and Gunther Neeck

PDF Price: $15

Small Molecule FLT3 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Pp. 399-416 (18)

Mark Levis and Donald Small

PDF Price: $15

Potentiality and Limitations of a Strategy for the Control of Cell Proliferation: The Block of Ca2+ Entry

Pp. 417-433 (17)

Luca Munaron, Susanna Antoniotti, Alessandra Fiorio Pla and Davide Lovisolo

PDF Price: $15

An Expanding Appreciation of the Role Chemokine Receptors Play in Cancer Progression

Pp. 435-454 (20)

O. M. Zack Howard and Carole L. Galligan

PDF Price: $15

Recent Advances in Chemical Genomics

Pp. 503-550 (48)

Gyorgy Dorman, Peter Krajcsi, Laszlo G. Puskas, Zoltan Kovari, Zsolt Lorincz, Laszlo Urge and Ferenc Darvas

PDF Price: $15

Predicting Molecular Interactions In Silico: I. An Updated Guide to Pharmacophore Identification and its Applications to Drug Design  Open Access Plus

Pp. 551-584 (34)

Oranit Dror, Alexandra Shulman-Peleg, Ruth Nussinov and Haim J. Wolfson

In Silico Methods for Predicting Ligand Binding Determinants of Cytochromes P450

Pp. 615-652 (38)

Marcel J. de Groot, Stewart B. Kirton and Michael J. Sutcliffe

PDF Price: $15

Trends in Hit-to-Lead: An Update

Pp. 653-673 (21)

Benoit Deprez and Rebecca Deprez-Poulain

PDF Price: $15

Biology of Heme in Health and Disease

Pp. 705-714 (10)

Nastiti Wijayanti and Stephan Immenschuh

PDF Price: $15