Suicide and Predicament: Life is a Predicament

Suicide and Predicament: Life is a Predicament

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"Suicide and Predicament: the medical model of suicide is incomplete" takes a broad view of suicide. It argues that a large proportion of people who suicide do not have a mental disorder, and ...
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Saxby Pridmore


Durkheim argued that suicide is largely a social phenomenon. He did not deny vulnerability of individuals due to what would now be called mental disorder, as is commonly stated. He found that the regulation and support provided by society to the individual (these could be too little or too much) were the key to suicide. He described egoistic, anomic, altruistic and fatalistic forms of suicides. These ideas are assessed and supplemented with current research. Bullying and the influence modern communication systems have on suicide are mentioned, and examples from the public record are detailed.


University of Tasmania Australia.