Suicide and Predicament: Life is a Predicament

Suicide and Predicament: Life is a Predicament

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"Suicide and Predicament: the medical model of suicide is incomplete" takes a broad view of suicide. It argues that a large proportion of people who suicide do not have a mental disorder, and ...
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Saxby Pridmore


Shame is frequently overlooked as an emotion leading to suicide. Examples from the public record in which shame is believed to have played a major role (Bud Dwyer, Ernest Blanchard, Jeremy ‘Mike’ Boorda, Takayuki Kamoshida, Mervyn Jenkins William Lucan- Roberts, Wolfgang Huellen, Vlajko Stojiljkovic, David Kelly, Arthur Teele, Wolfgang Priklopil, Shinichi Yamazaki, J D ‘Roy’ Atchison, Christopher Forster, Bruce Ivins, Michael Todd, Michael Pigott Roh Moo-hyun, Dudu Topaz, and others) are detailed. Anger is also believed to be a factor in some completed suicides. Examples are less common, but may include some men who kill their offsprings and themselves in the settings of disputed access to children.


University of Tasmania Australia.