The Emerging Self in Psychotherapy with Adults

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This Ebook focuses theoretically, empirically and practically on a concept of the self that includes neurobiological, psychological and social dimensions in psychotherapy with adults. The theoretical ...
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Appendix A (Summaries of the lives of Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt and Frank McCourt)

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Richard A. Mackey


One way of appreciating the adaptive potential of the emerging self is to examine the lives of individuals whose adult years have been characterized by generativity rather than stagnation (Erikson, 1963). These are human beings who experience significant adversities in their lives yet are able to move beyond these adversities in adulthood to make remarkable contributions to others and to society. In the following appendix, the lives of three individuals, who are discussed in chapter 1, are summarized. Each of them transcended various adversities - racism, trauma and poverty - to make important contributions to the world.


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