The Emerging Self in Psychotherapy with Adults

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This Ebook focuses theoretically, empirically and practically on a concept of the self that includes neurobiological, psychological and social dimensions in psychotherapy with adults. The theoretical ...
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Chapter 01 - Toward an Understanding of Self

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Richard A. Mackey


This chapter presents a theoretical perspective on the self that is not only essential for understanding the sufferings of clients but also for reflecting upon our roles in the therapeutic process. In addition to psychological and social factors, neurobiological factors are integrated into the discussion. My intent is to offer readers a conceptual framework for thinking biopsychosocially about clients. The framework underscores empathic understanding as the basis for the choice of specific interventive modes and techniques, and the centrality of a therapeutic relationship as the vehicle through which a new sense of self may emerge for clients. Biographies of three well known individuals are used to illustrate concepts.


Boston College USA.