The Emerging Self in Psychotherapy with Adults

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This Ebook focuses theoretically, empirically and practically on a concept of the self that includes neurobiological, psychological and social dimensions in psychotherapy with adults. The theoretical ...
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Richard A. Mackey


No matter the specific theoretical orientation and technical approach to psychotherapy, this book present a perspective that the self of a practitioner tempered by professional values is the primary resource for helping troubled people, especially those who suffer from a damaged sense of self. The empathic use of self is the centerpiece of the role of a psychotherapist. In this introduction to the book, the context of psychotherapeutic practice both in the past and today are discussed, since context is so important in shaping ideas. The prologue also lays out the my values about theory and practice, which have an equally powerful effect on my orientation and approach to the practice of psychotherapy.


Boston College USA.