Hypotheses and Dynamics in the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Disorders

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This book presents a series of clinical and pathologic observations that are thought to contribute to progressive incremental severity in neuronal cell loss and tissue atrophy in the cerebral cortex. ...
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Lawrence M. Agius


Vascular lesions compound effects on the clinical demented state in patients with Alzheimer disease [122]. A given degree of dementia in Alzheimer disease patients suffering from concomitant ischemic lesions in the cerebrum is associated with lesser numbers of neurofibrillary tangles and neuritic plaques. This synergistic effect of ischemic lesions with cognitive decline in Alzheimer patients correlates also with the presence often of congophilic angiopathy. A particular aspect of ischemic lesions is the association of Alzheimer disease in patients with biochemical markers for cerebrovascular disease.


University of Malta Medical School Mater Dei Hospital, Malta