Hypotheses and Dynamics in the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Disorders

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This book presents a series of clinical and pathologic observations that are thought to contribute to progressive incremental severity in neuronal cell loss and tissue atrophy in the cerebral cortex. ...
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Lawrence M. Agius


Etiology and pathogenesis of dementing illness is largely resolvable in terms of consequences of an advancing age that promotes the actual progression as assessed by the sequential development of lesions cardinal to the neuronal circuitry involvement. One might view the dynamics of such sequences as a contributing role in the actual evolution of lesions that centrally manifest as neuronal pathophysiology. It is only in terms beyond the actual neuropathologic lesions that an endstage consequence is dominated by irreversible transforming features in the transport mechanics of both injury and compensation of neuronal function.


University of Malta Medical School Mater Dei Hospital, Malta