Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Thin Film-Based Active Elements and Devices

Author(s): Halyna Khlyap

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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This well organized reference book covers the newest and most important practically applicable results in thin film-based semiconductor (A2B6-A4B6 and chalcogenide) sensors, heterojunction-based ...
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Pp. i

Arkadiy Varshavskiy

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Pp. ii

Halyna Khlyap

Heterostructure Growth

Pp. 21-32 (12)

Halyna Khlyap

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Chalcogenide Semiconductors for Sensor Applications

Pp. 87-95 (9)

Halyna Khlyap

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Pp. 126

Halyna Khlyap

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Pp. 127

Halyna Khlyap