Image Processing for Embedded Devices

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Embedded imaging devices such as digital still and video cameras, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and visual sensors for surveillance and automotive applications make use of the ...
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Beyond Embedded Device

Pp. 343-373 (31)

S. Battiato, A. Castorina and G. Messina


In the recent years, technology advances in sensors and image processing have allowed significant improvements that encompass not only quality, but also image content analysis and understanding. Consumer devices are now being equipped with sophisticated algorithms allowing complex tasks such as face recognition, smile detection, automatic red eye removal, etc. In addition, topics related to image forensics oriented to verify the authenticity of digital images, such as camera identification and image manipulation detection are now available. This Chapter provides an overview of the main topics representing a challenge to innovation both from hardware and software point of view: Super Resolution, Temporal Demosaicing, Bracketing or High Dynamic Range Reconstruction. Also some aspects of Computational Photography and Forensics Camera Identification are briefly described. These topics represent the current trends and novel solutions for the next generation of imaging devices.


Image Processing Lab, University of Catania, Italy.