Microsurgery In Liver Research

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During the last two decades microsurgery has progressively taken the place of macrosurgery since it largely improves the experimental models in liver research. This is a concise but comprehensive ...
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Anesthesia, Analgesia and Postoperative Care

Pp. 49-70 (22)

Maria Angeles Aller and Maria Paz Nava


Due to current attitudes to the use of animals in biomedical research any pain or distress caused to animals should be minimized. This can be achieved by the use of appropriate anesthetic and analgesic regimens. There are both sound ethical and scientific reasons for controlling pain in animals and can also make a substantial contribution to refinement of animal experiments. In this chapter recent trends in the administration of anesthetics and analgesics to laboratory rats and mice undergoing surgical procedures are assessed.


Department of Surgery I. School of Medicine. Complutense University of Madrid. Madrid. Spain.