Microsurgery In Liver Research

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During the last two decades microsurgery has progressively taken the place of macrosurgery since it largely improves the experimental models in liver research. This is a concise but comprehensive ...
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Brief History of Experimental Liver Microsurgery

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Maria-Angeles Aller and Jaime Arias


The use of an operating microscope in rat and mouse liver surgery makes it possible to obtain new experimental models and improve the already existing macrosurgical models. From the pioneer works of Sun Lee in the early 1960s through today, microsurgery has gained acceptance as an integral component of liver research. Portosystemic anastomosis, partial portal vein ligation, cholestasis, hepatectomies and liver transplantation stand out among the most frequently used liver microsurgical techniques in the rat and mouse. In essence, the experimental model resulting from these microsurgical techniques are the most used today in liver research.


Surgery I Department, School of Medicine, Complutense University Madrid. Spain