Omics and Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance

Omics and Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance

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Multiple biotic and abiotic environmental factors may constitute stresses that affect plant growth and yield in crop species. Advances in plant physiology, genetics, and molecular biology have ...
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Transcriptome Analysis of Polyamine Overproducers Reveals Activation of Plant Stress Responses and Related Signalling Pathways T

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F. Marco, T. Altabella, R. Alcazar, J. Cuevas, C. Bortolotti, M.E. Gonzalez, OA Ruiz, A.F. Tiburcio and P. Carrasco


Polyamines have been proposed to regulate multiple aspects of plant development and stress responses. In most of the cases, they interact with other signaling pathways to exert their action. Here we describe transcriptomic analyses that have lead to the identification of physiologically relevant interactions between polyamines and other hormones, such as abscisic acid, during the response to abiotic stress. Overall, these studies reinforce the premise that polyamines are regulatory signaling molecules which mediate by intricate cross-talks with hormonal pathways in response to different environmental stimuli.


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