Neutrophils in Infectious Diseases

Editor(s): Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier and Ger van Zandbergen

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Host defense to intracellular pathogens depends upon both innate and adaptive cell-mediated immune responses. Polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocytes which belong to the innate immune system are the ...
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Pp. i

Werner Solbach

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Pp. ii

Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier and Ger van Zandbergen

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier and Ger van Zandbergen

Imaging Neutrophil-Pathogen Interactions in vivo

Pp. 11-19 (9)

Sylvia Münter, Claudia Kuss, Markus Meissner and Friedrich Frischknecht

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Neutrophils in the Context of Polymicrobial Sepsis

Pp. 20-36 (17)

Danielle G. Souza, José C. Alves-Filho, Fernando Q. Cunha, Cristiano X. Lima and Mauro M. Teixeira

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Neutrophils in Mycobacterial Infections

Pp. 42-48 (7)

Angelo Martino, Edgar Badell and Nathalie Winter

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Role of Neutrophils in the Early Shaping of the Leishmania major Specific Immune Response in Experimental Murine Cutaneous Leish

Pp. 49-58 (10)

Angelo Martino, Edgar Badell, Nathalie Winter, Mélanie Charmoy, Geneviève Milon and Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier

PDF Price: $15

Neutrophils as Potential Safe Niche for Leishmania and Anaplasma

Pp. 67-76 (10)

Ger van Zandbergen, Elena Bank, Martina Behnen, Matthias Klinger and Tamas Laskay

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Pp. 77-79 (3)

Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier and Ger van Zandbergen