Frontiers in Natural Product Chemistry

Volume: 1

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“Frontiers in Natural Product Chemistry” is an Ebook series devoted to publishing the latest and most important advances in natural product chemistry. The Ebook series covers all aspects of ...
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Cyclitols: Conduritols Aminoconduritols and Quercitols

Pp. 169-175 (7)

Metin Balci, Murat Celik, Emine Demir, Murat Ertas, Serdar Gultekin, Nihal Ozturk, Yunus Kara and Nurhan Horasan-Kishali


All of the possible conduritol isomers have already been synthesized starting from completely different materials and their biological importance studied. Conduritols are useful precursors in the preparation of cyclitols such as myo-inositols phosphates, and pseudo-sugars, some of which are important mediators in many cellular processes. The synthesis of conduritpls, quercitols and the development of new synthetic methods are discussed in this paper.


Department of Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, 06531, Ankara-Turkey.