Experimental Stroke

Experimental Stroke

Editor(s): Kunlin Jin

Co-Editor(s): Guo-Yuan Yang

Indexed in: Scopus

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This eBook compiles the efforts of 20 experts in the field to review the latest advances in experimental stroke, with its strong emphasis on neurogenesis, angiogenesis and neuroprotection after ...
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Pp. i

Pak H. Chan

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Pp. ii

Kunlin Jin and Guo-Yuan Yang

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Pp. iii-v (3)

Kunlin Jin and Guo-Yuan Yang

Calcium-permeable Ion Channels and Ischemic Brain Injury

Pp. 9-17 (9)

Theresa A. Lusardi, Xiangping Chu and Zhi-Gang Xiong

PDF Price: $15

Neovascularization Following Cerebral Ischemia

Pp. 26-37 (12)

Rodney Allanigue Gabriel and Guo-Yuan Yang

PDF Price: $15

Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases After Stroke: From Basic Research to Clinical Impact

Pp. 38-45 (8)

Anna Rosell, Eng H. Lo and Xiaoying Wang

PDF Price: $15

Blood Brain Barrier Dysfunction and the Endothelin System in Cerebral Ischemia

Pp. 46-51 (6)

Samuel W. Cramer, Lin Li and Dandan Sun

PDF Price: $15

Stem Cell Transplantation and Cerebral Ischemia

Pp. 63-73 (11)

Christine L. Keogh, Shan Ping Yu and Ling Wei

PDF Price: $15

Post-ischemic Neurogenesis and Brain Repair: Growth Factors and Cytokines

Pp. 74-82 (9)

Yi-Ping Yan, Raghu Vemuganti and Robert J. Dempsey

PDF Price: $15

Erythropoietin and Ischemic Brain Remodeling

Pp. 90-93 (4)

Zheng Gang Zhang and Michael Chopp

PDF Price: $15

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Pp. 109-112 (4)

Kunlin Jin and Guo-Yuan Yang