Chemical-Induced Seizures: Mechanisms, Consequences and Treatment

Editor(s): Feng Ru Tang

Co-Editor(s): Weng Keong Loke

Indexed in: Web of Science, Scopus and Chemical Abstracts, Book Citation Index, Science Edition.

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Since the Tokyo Sarin Subway Attack, the threat of chemical warfare agents has migrated from the battlefield to become a major concern for homeland security in the 21th century. While current fielded ...
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Lionel Lee

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Pp. ii

Feng Ru Tang and Weng Keong Loke

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Feng Ru Tang and Weng Keong Loke

Seizures and Other Neurological Symptoms Induced by Organophosphates,Including Warfare Nerve Agents

Pp. 29-38 (10)

Adam-Scott Feiner, Bertrand Yersin, Andreas Stettbacher, Sergei Bankoul, Christophe Baumberger and Pierre-Nicolas Carron

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Organophosphate Toxicity Relating to Exposure Route and Type of Agent

Pp. 39-48 (10)

Marloes J.A. Joosen, Marcel J. van der Schans, August B. Smit and Herman P.M. van Helden

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Chemically Induced Experimental Models of Absence Epilepsy

Pp. 67-79 (13)

Rezzan Gulhan Aker, Filiz Yilmaz Onat and Demet Kinay

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Kainic Acid Induced Seizures and Brain Damage: Mechanism and Relevant Therapeutic Approaches

Pp. 80-88 (9)

Feng Ru Tang, Koichi Kato and Weng Keong Loke

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Pilocarpine and Nerve Agents Induced Seizures: Similarities and Differences

Pp. 89-106 (18)

Feng Ru Tang, Koichi Kato and Weng Keong Loke

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Pp. 107-108 (2)

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