Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 2

Modern Organofluorine Chemistry-Synthetic Aspects

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

Guest-Editor(s): Kenneth K. Laali

Indexed in: Scopus, Chemical Abstracts, EBSCO, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

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The volume focuses on recent advances in organofluorine chemistry directed towards selective fluorine introduction into various target molecules, employing both traditional and contemporary, ...
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Contributors  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-iii (3)

Atta-ur-Rahman and Kenneth K. Laali

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Pp. iv-vi (3)

Bruce E. Smart

Editorial  promotion: free to download

Pp. 1-2 (2)

Kenneth K. Laali

The Chemistry of Interhalogen Monofluorides

Pp. 43-48 (6)

Dale F. Shellhamer and Victor L. Heasley

PDF Price: $15

Fluorination Using Hypervalent Halogen Fluorides

Pp. 49-60 (12)

Shoji Hara

PDF Price: $15

Application of Xenon Difluoride in Synthesis

Pp. 61-157 (97)

Barbara Zajc

PDF Price: $15

Onium-Poly Hydrogen Fluorides as Acid Catalysts, Ionic Liquids and Fluorinating Agents in Organic Reactions

Pp. 183-211 (29)

V. Prakash Reddy, G. K. Surya Prakash and George A. Olah

PDF Price: $15

DAST and Deoxofluor Mediated Nucleophilic Fluorination Reactions of Organic Compounds

Pp. 291-326 (36)

Rajendra P. Singha, Dayal T. Meshria and Jean’ne M. Shreeve

PDF Price: $15

Synthetic Approaches to gem-Difluoromethylene Compounds

Pp. 327-351 (25)

V. Prakash Reddy, Meher Perambuduru and Ramesh Alleti

PDF Price: $15

Fluorinated Carbohydrates  Open Access Plus

Pp. 381-429 (49)

Martin Hein and Ralf Miethchen

Enantioselective Electrophilic Fluorination: The Complete Story  Open Access Plus

Pp. 431-461 (31)

C. Audouard, J. -A. Ma and D. Cahard

Synthesis of Chiral Fluorinated Materials via Biotransformation

Pp. 463-490 (28)

Tomoya Kitazume, Tomoko Matsuda and Kaoru Nakamuraa

PDF Price: $15

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 573-592 (20)

Atta-ur-Rahman and Kenneth K. Laali