Advances in Classical Field Theory

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Classical field theory is employed by physicists to describe a wide variety of physical phenomena. These include electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, gravitation and quantum mechanics. The central ...
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The geometrical meaning of time - the emergence of the concept of time in the general theory of relativity

Pp. 153-165 (13)

Asher Yahalom


It is stated in many text books that the any metric appearing in general relativity should be locally Lorentzian i.e. of the type ημv = diag (1,−1,−1,−1) this is usually presented as an independent axiom of the theory, which can not be deduced from other assumptions. In this work we show that the above assertion is a consequence of a standard linear stability analysis of the Einstein equations and need not be assumed.


Ariel University Center of Samaria, Ariel 40700, Israel.