Angiogenesis & Therapeutic Targets In Cancer

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Angiogenesis plays rate limiting roles in tumor growth and invasion. Angiogenesis inhibition has been proposed as a general strategy to fight against cancers. This book covers different therapeutic ...
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Angiogenesis and Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapies

Pp. 147-164 (18)

S. Martin and H. Evans


Angiogenesis is one of the key rate limiting factors in tumor growth. The concept of antiangiogenic therapy was first considered over 50 years ago but the first antiangiogenic therapy for breast cancer was only given regulatory status in 2008. A large number, and diverse range, of therapeutic agents are, however, currently in development for use in breast cancer with results suggesting great promise. Some of these agents directly target molecules in the angiogenic cascade and others have secondary antiangiogenic effects as a consequence of inhibition of target molecules that are not directly involved in the angiogenic process. Here some of the agents currently under development are discussed together with other, currently hypothetical, targets.


Angiogenic Cascade, Breast Cancer, Hypothetical Targets


School of Molecular Medical Sciences, Division of Clinical Oncology, University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Hospitals, City Hospital Campus, Nottingham, NG5 1PB, United Kingdom.