Transforming Sexual Health in Scotland: Cultural, Organisational and Partnership Approaches

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This edited collection provides a unique insight into sexual health in Scotland. It sets out the challenges facing Scotland in terms of poor sexual health and inequalities, within devolved government ...
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Partnership Working and Multi-Agency Approaches

Pp. 95-102 (8)

Andrew Gardiner


The final chapter in this section of the book, and of the overall collection, turns its attention to the role of other agencies beyond the NHS in affecting sexual health improvement and the nature of partnership arrangements to deliver desired change. The clear expectations in Respect and Responsibility (Scotland’s first national sexual health strategy) of multi-organisational working, especially between the NHS, local authorities and the voluntary sector, to address sexual health needs in Scotland have needed creative responses. These are reviewed by the chapter’s author, Andrew Gardiner from NHS Grampian, and structures that have been put in place to facilitate partnership working across Scotland are described. These include recent requirements, through the introduction of Single Outcome Agreements and Community Planning, by Scottish Government of local authorities in Scotland to ensure that health improvement is addressed in partnership.

Examples of successful joint working from across Scotland are given that suggest where lessons could be learned for the future, especially concerning the most vulnerable population groups and indicate where useful groundwork has started.


NHS Grampian.