Advanced Approach To Mitigate Magnetic Fields And Your Health

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This Ebook describes the hazardous effects of magnetic fields and explains how exposure to high voltage transmission line magnetic field could affect human lives. It explains how newly developed ...
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Magnetic Field of Vertically Installed Conductors

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A.R. Memari


In this chapter, vertically arranged conductors are investigated. The total unmitigated magnetic field contributed by the three phases is calculated. The mitigating loop voltage is calculated. This calculation reveals the fact that there will be no mitigation when the auxiliary loop is installed symmetrically with respect to the Y-axis. The capability of the developed approach is well illustrated once the loop’s geometrical position is changed. The fluxes induced by the three phases of the power line are well capable of producing mitigating loop voltage. Consequently, this voltage results in achieving the mitigating magnetic field, Subsequently, the mitigated magnetic field is calculated.