Advanced Approach To Mitigate Magnetic Fields And Your Health

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This Ebook describes the hazardous effects of magnetic fields and explains how exposure to high voltage transmission line magnetic field could affect human lives. It explains how newly developed ...
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Mitigating Loop at Ground Level

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A.R. Memari


In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the developed approach, a case when the mitigating loop is placed at the ground level is thoroughly studied. A flat configuration of 230 KV transmission line has been used and effect of mitigation at seven different locations within the right-of-way has been scrutinized and the related figures and Tables are illustrated. The loop voltage, which is the result of induced fluxes, is determined. Implementation of the previously derived equation results in achieving the value of the mitigating loop impedance. The correlation between the three types of magnetic fields has also been investigated. Finally, a comparative method when the auxiliary mitigating loop is installed above, below and at the ground level is also established and the result is shown in a Table